Welcome to the ministry of Frankie and Phyllis Valens. Wherever you have a need or desire for gospel music evangelism, they can fill that need.

Frankie was a nightclub singer in the 60s and 70s whose signature song was “This Magic Moment.” He also recorded “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” and “She Cried.”

“Unique,” “powerful,” and “inspirational” are words often used to refer to their concerts. They bring a tremendous combination of God-given talents to their presentations.

Whether it is the gifted high vocals of Frankie to the powerful piano numbers from Phyllis, or the often entertaining “gotcha” skits to the anointed hand-signing to a powerful song, people are often lifted to a high level of praise and worship to their heavenly Father.

It is the desire of Frankie and Phyllis that all who enjoy their music realize that their only goal is to exalt Jesus. You may laugh, you may weep, you may want to shout, you may want to sit quietly. Whatever your mood, you’ll find it uplifted and you’ll be blessed greatly by being in the presence of Almighty God.




Saturday, August 26th was a most unusual day for us.  We went with friends to Iola, Kansas to the Bowlus Auditorium to hear The Booth Brothers, an award-winning southern gospel trio. (www.boothbrothers.com)  We had never heard them in concert so were excited about this opportunity.

We obviously had to make a necessary stop at the Russell Stover’s factory and Candy Shop in Iola, and while there, Frankie got a call from Haskell Cooley asking us when we were coming to the concert.  Haskell and Jolee were there to attend the concert, then they had concerts of their own in the area on the following Sunday.  Haskell told Frankie to hurry over because he had a surprise for him.  The surprise was – The Booth Brothers had heard that Frankie was going to be there (we don’t know how!), and wanted to meet him.  So shortly before the concert we (yes, I got to go, too) got to meet and visit with the guys a bit.  They kept saying, “We are honored you are here!”  Wow – we were honored to be there.  Haskell and Jolee were there too because later during the concert they were going to pay tribute to Haskell for his work with The Cathedrals, and they had known Haskell and Jolee for years before.  We found someone to take a picture of all of us.


Then just before the concert Jolee came bringing us 5 of their CDs the guys gave to us!

During the second half, they called Haskell on stage, and they ended up singing a couple of songs with Haskell playing the piano for them, a first for them.  Then out of the clear blue, Ronnie began singing the beginning of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and announced to the packed house that Frankie Valens was in the audience.  A stir was created in the crowd as people began looking around for him.  Frankie stood up and Ronnie asked him to come up on stage.  Then he said, “Frankie’s wife is a concert pianist.  Phyllis, you come up, too!”  This was crazy!  So we both went up on stage.  They asked us to do something, so with Haskell at the piano, the three of us sang, “Mansion Over the Hilltop,” encouraging everyone to join in with us, The Booth Brothers included, which they did.


We were told that Michael kept kind of poking Frankie while we were singing, “touching a famous person” as it were!  After finishing the number, the guys told us again they were honored that we were there, and they hoped it was all right that they called us up there.  Of course it was!  It was our joy and our pleasure and honor, with all glory to our heavenly Father.  Oh, what a night!  Jolee Cooley took the pictures. (Incidentally, Michael read from the King James Version for his Bible references.)

Listen to The Booth Brothers sing “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgRibR6bgcE&feature=related